Jinan Nightlife

In Jinan, you can have a very relaxing time. Although the nightlife in Jinan is not well developed, it is still a way for people to relax and make friends after a hard days work.

According to a recent survey, Jinan’s nightlife is made up of four basic types. They are the Square Nightlife, based around Quancheng Square, Food Nightlife, focused on the roadside stands and outdoor BBQs, Shopping Nightlife, based in department stores, supermarkets and the markets, and Recreational Nightlife in clubs and dance halls.

With the development of the Jinan economy, karaoke clubs, pubs, bars and coffee shops have become popular, especially among young people.

Karaoke clubs (KTV) have now been accepted by most people as a means of escaping the heavy work pressures of modern city life, singing freely in the KTV clubs is a great escape. A Mi Guo and Hao Le Di are two KTV clubs and in these places, you can see huge photos of famous stars’ on the wall and also enjoy the free buffet.

A Mi Guo: No.1, Qianfoshan Lu
Hao Le Di: No. 178, Yingxiong Shan Lu

MBOX: No.5, Foshan Jie
Another KTV club is a good place for friends’ to meet. Its ‘party world’ atmosphere makes the environment more leisurely.

No.23 Club (the former Cinderella Club)
Location: near the northeast gate of the Sports Center
This is a very nice disco bar and is split into two parts, the Quiet Bar and the Hot Bar.

Mingquge Teahouse
Location: No.19, Da Guan Yuan Shopping Mall, Wei’er Lu, Jingsi Lu
A now unique place in Jinan, its performances of traditional Chinese opera are inspiring. You can get there via bus Nos. 4, 5, 34, 35, K50 and 101.

Coffee Shops

UBC Coffee
Location: F1, Jinlong Building, Jingqi Lu, Shizhong District

Location: No.148, Lishan Lu, Lixia District

Pubs & Bars

Box Bar
Location: East of Jiefang Ge, Lixia Qu (Lixia District)

More Bar
Location: Middle of Ma’an Shan Lu, Shizhong District